Discounted Parking


Discounted Parking Available with SpotHero.

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Popular Lots

Seaport Hotel Parking Lot

  • Sat/Sun = $22 SPECIAL event parking (flat fee)

    • Friday normal hourly rates apply

  • 4 entrances one on each side of the block across the street from the Boston Christmas Festival.

SBWTC South Boston Waterfront Transportation Center

  • Use World Trade Center ramp to walk to Festival

Find your Own Parking

If you’d like to hunt for your own lot, we recommend checking out “” for the most up to date information about parking locations and pricing around the Seaport World Trade Center.

bus and train info

We highly recommend Public Transportation to the event at Seaport World Trade Center.

From South Station, take the MBTA Silver Line (one level above the Red Line, one below the food court) to WTC Station. Take the stairs/escalators/elevators to the upper level and exit onto WTC Ave.

Use this MBTA Trip Planner to help you find your way to the Seaport World Trade Center from wherever you’re located.

Uber/Lyft :

Please remember these two are great options and ready to help with your transportation needs.