Sneak peek at our 2019 SPECIALTY food exhibitors

Everyone LOVES our specialty food exhibitors. We’ve put together a small list to give you a taste of what’s to come!

Buster's Bark at Booth 416

Made in small batches and artfully crafted from wholesome ingredients, Buster’s Bark is the perfect balance of fine chocolate, toffee, fresh walnuts, and a pleasing salty crunch. It’s a well-deserved indulgence and you will find that one is never enough!

Gourmet Creations at Booth 442

America's premier site for top of the line gourmet vegetable dip mixes, olive oil blends and dessert mixes. Our mission is to provide you with USA made tasty, high quality products that make your dining experience more memorable. Gourmet Creations is committed to the innovation and the development of gourmet dip mixes that appeals to a wide variety of tastes. Whether your preferences are sweet, savory or spicy, our ever-expanding product line has something for you.

Cucina Aurora at Booth 427

Our owner, Dawn Hunt, AKA “The Kitchen Witch” starts every recipe with love and positive intentions. All of the recipes for Cucina Aurora’s products come right from her and have been thoroughly tested for the picky eater, the 5 minute meal maker, as well as the discerning chef. It took many years for Dawn to perfect her Olive Oil infusions. She searched all over testing many different types of oil from California, Spain and even Greece. The warmth and flavor of Italian olive oil was the perfect pairing for her fresh, authentic and delicious flavor infusions. Unlike many oil infusions you may find, Cucina Aurora only uses 100% Olive Oil.

Chocolates U, LLC at Booth 423

Hot Chocolate Balls. Delightful confections you put into a mug with milk to make a rich decadent mug of real, hot chocolate. Made with the best quality couverture chocolate, rich cocoa powder, and honey. Hot Chocolate Balls are available in six delectable flavors as well as several limited edition flavors for the holiday season.

Torchbearer Sauces at Booth 443

TorchBearer Sauces was founded by Vid, Ben, and Tim…three guys in their 20s with a knack for creating tasty condiments, fiery hot sauces, and tasty recipes with them. Besides creating a range of table sauces and enough recipes to fill a book, TorchBearer has also been turning heads with the world’s first habanero cheesecake.

MugBuddyCookies at Booth 454

MugBuddyCookies is a new, small business focused on inspiring whimsy and sharing fun with all who enjoy one of their cookies. Established June 2015 in the founder’s hometown of Biddeford, Maine, MugBuddyCookies is a socially responsible company based on a culture of empowerment and creative freedom. It is our mission to brighten the day and bring a smile to all who enjoy beverages in mugs, one handcrafted cookie at a time.

Runamok Maple at Booth 457

Runamok Maple produces infused, smoked and barrel-aged maple syrup along with our pure maple, which we call, Sugarmaker’s Cut. We love pure maple syrup but have discovered that the potential for taking it in new directions is limitless.

Hebert Honey at Booth 417

Hebert Honey shares with you our 100% natural products. All of our products are carefully hand crafted using pure beeswax and honey, from our own bees.

Saratoga Peanut Butter Company at Booth 438

Saratoga Peanut Butter Co was founded 10 years ago with the goal to produce a healthy peanut butter that tasted great! Their products are all natural, with no added sugars, oils, or preservatives. Many nut flavors available!

Try for yourself – you deserve it!

Ginger Betty's at Booth 1150

Dedicated to the “fine art of Ginger Bread baking and much more …”. Kids will be able to decorate a gingerbread cookie right at her booth. You will also be able to write a soldier and send gingerbread cookies to a service member from her booth.

Thai Culinary Arts Studio at Booth 407

Add a touch of Bangkok to your cooking with Peanut and Curry sauces.

Authentic Thai sauces are handcrafted from premium quality traditional Thai ingredients. Created by Thai culinary artist trained in Bangkok, these exquisite sauces are ready for use in making authentic Thai or fusion dishes. Bring the traditional flavors of Thailand into your home!

Grace Granola at Booth 1138

Delicious selection of granolas and sea salt caramel sauce that is impossible to resist.

A yummy, crunchy, healthy snack that you can take with you down whichever road you choose

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