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Merry Trading Company (Booth 203)

Merry Trading Company will celebrate another holiday season at the Boston Christmas Festival. Returning to the Festival for our 32nd year, we will again feature our fully recycled, cozy, warm, and fashionable genuine sheepskin and rabbit accessories for the entire family. Hats, mittens, slippers, gloves, and other related items for adults and children, that will turn even the harshest winter into a holiday delight. Join us for the beginning of our 40th season, creating these wonderful products and give your special someone that amazing gift of warmth that will last for many winters to come. 

Elegance by DesignS (Booth 703)

Come and see our new colors and suggestions on the many ways to wear your handmade scarf.  We carry a wide selection of Pony Tails, Beaded, Infinity and Glitter Scarves, there is something for every lady on your list.  At Elegance by Designs you not only dress up the ordinary but turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Squirrel-Eze (Booth 704)

Squirrel-Eze, established in 1995, is a husband and wife team that creates jewelry that makes a statement not an impact. Helen has won regional, and international trade magazine awards, and been a national finalist for her signed original designs. She combines simple, ancient techniques to create intricate, complex results. Jim specializes in chain maille, a series of interconnected, woven metal rings. Once worn by knights for protection, now modified and refined to create classic, elegant jewelry. He hand forms, cuts, and weaves his sterling silver and gold-filled rings which drape like fabric, look like lace, and feel like silk. Articles about their works have been published in many magazines and they are owners of Squirrel-Eze and Friends Artisans Boutique in Townsend, MA. 

Lorraines Crafts (Booth 207)

Local Crafter Lorraine Brutti specializes in handmade fabric crafts, which can be used for gifts/seasonal decorations/special occasions or just something for your home.  Products include Aprons, Baby Quilts, Bibs, Pillows, Pillow Cases, Placemats, Quillows, Runners, Sleep Mats, Towels, Twin Quilts and Wallhangings. All items are made in a smoke/pet free studio, with help from her husband.

Vermont Simple Beauty (Booth 607)

“The Vermont Simple Beauty Company produces high quality hand crafted spa products.  We believe less is more, and strive to use the simplest ingredients possible in our products.  This results in products you can feel good about using in your home and on your body.”

Glow In The Dark Glass (Booth 721)

Light up and decorate your room with dazzling and beautifully made home decor from Glow in the Dark Glass. We offer a wide array of quality, hand-blown glass decorative pieces with unique characteristics. Each product contains a glow-in-the-dark material which is made of phosphorous. These one-of-a-kind items are great for gift-giving and home decorations.

Colored Flames (Booth 542)

Colored Flames started in my head as a childhood fantasy. Our family had a backyard firepit long before firepits were so fashionable. I was in charge of getting it going. Using my imagination, I discovered that burning different materials produced amazing colors. The crazier I got….broken toasters, lamps, discarded metal etc the more beautiful the flames became. I grew up, married, and became a Mom. In my 40’s my mother gave me a house warming gift of a backyard firepit.

That night I had a colored fire in my very own yard. My wonderful husband invested and coached me into opening Colored Flames. Each year it grows. I love listening to my customers stories. One repeat customer told me, “Each year, on Thanksgiving night, our family tradition is to light a fire in our fire place. All the adults get together to share stories. The kids would run off to do their own thing, but not anymore, since using your products, the kids can’t wait until it gets dark to have colors in the fire. I wanted to Thank You for turning our adult Fire night into Family Fire night. Ever since we started using your products, the kids are now with us to watch the fire and it brought our family together.”

Colored Flames products are handmade in the USA, using metals to make the colorant. (Copper, zinc, etc…) We then take that dust & coat various size wood logs. Those products then get thrown into a firepit, fireplace, wood stove, bonfire, campfire & they change the color of the fire flames. You can purchase the coated logs or just the dust. The spectacular color show lasts from 40 mins. to 4 hours. 

eKnits4u (Booth 328)

My name is Elaine Kassam and I am the owner of eKnits4U. I would describe my business as a collection of modern knits – both wearables and collectibles. I grew up in rural Ontario on a farm where my aunt and grandmother decided one afternoon to show me how to knit and crochet. Being 9 at the time, I felt crocheting was for doilies so I started knitting regularly and would pick it up every few years and then stop again for another few years. I am a former Corporate Trainer and Technical Writer from Toronto who moved to the Boston suburbs almost 10 years ago. I have two wonderful teenage children; a son in college and a daughter in high school. When we first moved, I decided to stay at home as our children were young and the move was quite an adjustment. I worked part-time for a little while but did not find it as fulfilling as my full-time career in the corporate world. After our move to the US, I found the desire to knit more, and with more time available to me, my stash of yarn and knit items quickly grew. My friends encouraged me to start this business and after repeated requests for custom items, I formed eKnits4U a few years ago! Seeing I am not artistic, this is the one area where I can express my creativity. I love knitting/crocheting because of my ability to do it anywhere/anytime; be it on the soccer field, in a hockey rink, on the sofa while watching tv or as a passenger in a car/plane when travelling. I have taken up crocheting in the past couple of years and must now admit to there being a lot more to it that the creation of lacy items for my coffee table! Please stop by and say hello when you are at the Boston Christmas Festival!

Reflections & Memories (Booth 626)

Reflections and Memories is the brainchild of life-long friends Sandy Hart and Deb Martin. We work hard creating one-of-a-kind decorated light blocks, lanterns, photo albums, frames and Keepsake boxes that are perfect for the home or to give as a gift. We’ve been exhibiting at craft shows for nine years and thoroughly enjoy meeting new customers. We’ve also earned the nickname as the “light ladies” from our repeat customers.

Creative Capes (Booth 612)

Creative Capes makes personalized superhero capes in a range of vivid colors using dress quality satin. Each cape features the child’s first initial to transform them into their own superhero. Our goal is to teach each child to be proud of who they are as an individual. Kids love customizing their cape outfit with our numerous accessories…eye masks, hero belts, power wrist cuffs and soft, flexible hero shield. This is our first show in Boston so please stop by booth 612 and check us out. 

Scrub It LLC (Booth 262)

I started this business with the hope that some day I would to be able to stay home with my kids, be my own boss and make non-toxic products that were safe for my kids without all the chemicals.
All to often one of my girls were sick, had the flu, had a snow day and I would try to find the time to work a cooperate job and care for my kids at the same time. I made a promise to myself one day after calling in sick for the 4th day in a row with my daughter having strep that I never wanted to feel pressured to choose my job over my child. That I would take this means of a little extra income and turn it into a business and allow myself the flexibility they deserved.

Headed into my 5th year, I’m proud to say I never have to feel that way again😊

The QuiltingB (Booth 269)

The QuiltingB is a local crafter who makes one-of-a-kind quilted accessories for the home. Products offered are seasonal table runners, fireplace mantel scarves, Christmas tree skirts and wall hangings. In addition to adding decorations to your own home, these items make great gifts for others.

Embroidery-N-More By JAC (Booth 261)

Embroidery-More By JAC was started in 2006. It started with an embroidery machine that was a gift for our first anniversary and blossomed from there. I fell in love with making personalized gifts. We strive to offer you unique personalized gifts at the at the best price possible. From a new baby to a housewarming gift to Christmas stockings we have you covered. We will have our embroidery machines on site for custom orders. Contact us if you want to place an order and pick up at the show to save on shipping.

The Boston Sports Company (Booth 604)

The Boston Sports Company is widely recognized as a leading provider of unique, one of a kind sports themed art and apparel. Our specialty is timeless artwork with a cerebral humor that fills a unique void in an otherwise crowded marketplace. Our products combine our love for Boston Sports with a desire to give sports fans the very best quality. We consistently compete with our own catalog to continue pushing the envelope further and further with each new design. We are definitely cut from a different cloth.

Heavenly Light Crystal Creations (Booth 670)

My business name is Heavenly Light Crystal Creations! My name is Sharon and I have been designing crystal suncatchers since December of 2015 and I love it! I began to make them after visiting my favorite gift shop looking for some hanging crystals to give to my sister-in-law for her new home. At the shop, there was only a small variety of suncatchers and nothing that jumped out to me. At that moment, I thought to myself that I could design and create colorful suncatchers myself and there I was, starting a new business! I am a retired business owner of 26 years, so I have some free time (haha). I love to create things and I have always loved crystals. The beautiful rainbows that crystals cast around a room are amazing. I have them in all my windows and it is pure joy to wake up in the morning and have rainbows all over my room.
I take great pride in my work and I use a variety of materials, such as SWAROVSKI crystals, Asfour of Egypt crystals, many different beads, pewter pieces, stainless steel coated wire, and much much more. I have been making crystal suncatchers for the past three years. I take my time creating beautiful combinations of beads to go with the prisms. This past year I have used more and more natural stones with healing properties and even though I am not an expert on every stone, I love the fact that my creations are helping people not only by creating happy rainbows but now also by providing uplifting energy. And each piece is made with Love and Infused with Reiki Energy.

Rokn Art (Booth 231)

Welcome to ROKN’ ART- The art that ROKS your world! I have always loved nature and been an outdoors kind of person, from a young age till now. In a tough time in my life, I relied on inspirational quotes to motivate me to become a better person. They helped me become who I am today. So what a better way than inspiring others to follow their dreams, like I have done. I express my happiness and inspiration by including quotes into my rock art that will motivate and inspire others to live a more positive, meaningful life. Nothing pleases me more when I see a smile reach someone’s face after they have seen my creations.

Whaling City Knots (Booth 229)

Rope Doormats, key chains, bracelets, wreaths, dog leashes, dog toys and baskets made from marine grade lobster rope.

Garden Metal Art (Booth 225)

Rod iron shaped and designed into lawn and garden displays.

Celtic Crests (Booth 276)

Celtic Crests offers Family Coats of Arms, beautifully reproduced via the time honored medium of embroidery, on Throws, Pillow Covers, Tapestries and Linen for framing or Special Occasions such as Showers, Weddings and New Babies.. All nationalities are available or can be researched.

TaylorMadeArtistry (Booth 303)

Featuring one-of-a-kind recycled liquor bottle lamps, Taylor Made Artistry has a wide selection of bottles to make a lamp “taylored” to your taste. These make great gifts for the liquor-lovers in your life. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, showers, groomsmen or bridesmaid gifts, graduations, the holidays – or just because! I look forward to seeing you!

Concord Hand designs (Booth 622)

Toni Sawyer is the creator of whimsical fun headbands. In 2013, she closed her retail shop after 28 years in business because she felt it was time to retire to devote her energies to her family. The creative side of her personality would not let her take a break however and she started crafting fanciful headbands for Halloween and Christmas holidays. Every headband she creates is unique just like the customer who purchases it. She loves when people converge in the booth and try on her creations but she loves it more when they leave with a smile on their face and a fantastic headband on their head. She hopes you’ll stop by her booth, have some fun and leave a smile on your face. By the way…you’ll get to meet her family also!

Bling Bling Artwear (Booth 608)

We design and make a line of womens Bling-Artwear. We feature artsy separates of sweat-shirts, tunics, jackets and blouses. Each is individually made and beautifully embellished.

Home Spun & Spice LL (Booth 221)

Home Decor, Candles, Potpourri, and dried fruit hangers, florals.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Home-Spun-Spice-LLC-153254658147312/photos/?ref=page_internalhomespunandspice@msn.com

Lil House of Treasures (Booth 245)

Wood holiday items, wood snowman, bears with a musical wooden heart

Email: Sheila.bremner@yahoo.com

Chelsea Fire Hot Sauce, LLC (Booth 407)

CHELSEA FIRE Wicked Hot Sauce brand was inspired by and named after The Great Chelsea Fires of 1908 and 1973 which nearly devastated a community. Instead, the events brought neighbors together and strengthened the resolve of the citizens of Chelsea, Massachusetts.

French Crochet Designs (Booth 829)

My name is Sherri Dwivedi. I am a fiber artist with a background education in textile history of Southeast Asia and Europe. My calling is to revive centuries old lost textile techniques. They are a symbol of our creative understanding from the past. I am intrigued by the beauty, complexity, and simultaneously, the simplicity. I have been fusing European and Asian techniques such as 1800’s French prints (chintz) embroidered with merino fiber wool. I have been combining 1900’s French crocheting and nålebinding techniques, dating back to between 300 BCE and 300 CE. These are embellished with semi-precious gemstones and hand-painted mother of pearls

Additionally, these fiber art pieces are considered lifestyle products such as paintings, scarves, table runners, etc. I only use the purest of materials – organic Egyptian cotton, fruit and vegetable dyes, bamboo, leather, and sheep wool! Additionally, I teach people who have a passion for this type of art. I work with a nonprofit organization under a program known as Fashion For Empowerment. I’m a master artisan and I teach underprivileged women skills like crocheting, hand-looming, and beadwork as well, keeping the handmade alive. Working with the UN Women Foundation as part of this organization, I believe in art that provides consumers with a conscious impact.

Mayur Naturals (Booth 726)

Mayur is a Sanskrit word meaning peacock. It is pronounced MAA-Yuh-R. The peacock reminds us of our hidden beauty that wants to surface.  It is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors. Our true self. Mayur Naturals strives to live by the principles of this magnificent bird of integrity, dignity, endurance and inner beauty. We bring you an all natural personal care, skincare and cosmetics line, that is produced in small batches. Using natural ingredients and without harmful chemicals, our purist philosophy is about feeding the skin and of achieving beauty from the inside out. Mixing ancient ingredients with modern science, we bring you a line of skincare and personal care items to address the challenges of modern living. The effects of stress and pollution affect us all, inside and out. Our products are aimed at detoxing, nourishing and protecting the skin, our largest organ. Many of our ingredients address nutrients that are lacking in our diet. All ingredients are carefully chosen for their healing properties and the minimalist approach ensures every key ingredient is delivered without compromise. Affirmations rejuvenate the mind and spirit. Each product is energetically charged. Thus, beauty from the inside out.  Except for a few masks using milk and honey, all our products are Vegan, Gluten free, Phthalates free and Paraben free.  Addressing personal care needs of both men and women, most of our products can be used by either. 

Hang Your Stockings (Booth 650)

Themed Christmas ornaments in the shape of tiny stockings.  Over 200 themes!  Kids, hobbies, travel, jobs, sports, movies — and always adding more!

Personalised for you (Booth 632)

Hooded towels and Microwave Bowl Cozies.

Clozs (Booth 273)

We design, pattern, cut and sew multi use, adjustable fit wraps in 3 lengths and foldable fleece hats in 3 sizes. Patchwork color combos in hats and sweaters. Scraps recycled to flowers, accessories.

Designs by TARA (Booth 672)

Custom painted canvas pillows, pillow covers, wine bags, ornaments, small back packs and crossbody bags. The majority of my work is pillows. My prices range from $10-$45.


Hestia has been creating handmade and, custom-made commemorative gifts and home décor accessories since 1986. Although started as the inspiration of artist Linda MacDonald, the creative tradition continues with the current owners Al and Joanne D’Alessandro, who purchased the company in 2005 and provide the ongoing vision.

Most of Hestia’s creations are custom designs, created for gift sellers who know the value of being able to offer items that can’t be found anywhere else. We have created over 5,000 custom designs, ornaments, and miniatures. 

Each piece, whether the charming VillageScape miniature, the amazingly dimensional AmeriScape ornament, locally-themed ceramics and watercolors, or our wonderfully realistic and detailed Nativity figures, is handcrafted and hand-painted by a Hestia artist.


These chimes are great displayed indoors as a metal sculpture or outdoor use in the garden, pond, or on the patio, deck, etc. The chimes are made of the finest grade copper and bronze. They will not rust have no strings attached to break or replace. 

Enjoy them for many years to come or give as a thoughtful, unique gift for any occasion, Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday, House Warming, Thank You, Wedding or ” Just Because”


We are Maine’s original company for handcrafted jewelry and home goods made with reclaimed shells.  At our studio in Bangor Maine, we hand lay all of our shells, ensuring every piece we create, is one of a kind and unique!  

We use real reclaimed lobster, mussel, clam, abalone & mother of pearl in our creations! Each item is individually hand created ensuring each piece is one of a kind! We mostly use wood from our home state of Maine in our homegoods products.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or the ones you love, you’ll always find the perfect gift!  We put a LOT of love in every piece we create!

Pat barker designs (Booth 247)

Pat Barker a New Hampshire native began painting glassware in 1998 while living on Sanibel Island off of Florida’s West Coast.  Her brightly colored whimsical designs reflect what she loved about island living. In 2012 she returned to New England where she continues to create new designs in her Massachusetts studio. 

KEYhole Studios (Booth 676)

My pieces are the embodiment of what I know lives on the other side of the secret garden gate, under mushrooms and nestled in vacant bird nests  – fairies and sprites, gnomes and their homes.  Intrigued? Come peer through the keyhole with me!

I am Jane Kelly, the artist and sole proprietor of a whimsical, magical business called Keyhole Studio.  I hand make fairies, mermaids, Santa’s elves, Fairy wands and crowns, fairy homes, hand-made wooden gift, wine tags, and a wondrous array of other magical creations.  

My handcrafted fairies are perfect for children and adults alike.  Many of my items, like my D.I.Y Fairy Kits, Wands, Fairy Doors, and hand-embellished journals make wonderfully imaginative gifts.

Come visit me at Keyhole Studio’s magical booth!  I can’t wait to meet you!

SlykShades (Booth 674)

My name is Josh Fitzmaurice and I am pleased to share with all of you the launch my new company, SLYK Shades, a collection of unique, handcrafted men’s and women’s wooden sunglasses intended to spread a positive message. I’m so excited to share with you not only the eco-friendly eyewear I’ve designed, but also my journey to get here. My business is a creative endeavor born from a transformational personal experience. Each pair of sunglasses have inspirational messages of hope engraved in the temples, HD polarized lenses, one-of-a-kind grain pattern, and support great causes. Every pair sold plants a tree through our Partnership with One Tree Planted and we are also supporting mental health awareness organizations. Be sure to stop by and say Hello!

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